Monday, December 29, 2008

naked theology; mutilated "god"

The Naked Theologian, in only her second post, quotes Martin Buber on the word "God":

"['God'] is the most heavy-laden of all human words. None has become so soiled, so mutilated. Just for this reason I may not abandon it...We must esteem those who interdict it because they rebel against the injustice and wrong which are so readily referred to ‘God’ for authorization. But we may not give it up...We cannot cleanse the word ‘God’ and we cannot make it whole; but, defiled and mutilated as it is, we can raise it from the ground..."

As I wrote earlier, here, our movement needs a column like the Naked Theologian's in our UUWorld magazine/site. Wherever we are able to find it, I celebrate NT's existence.


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