Friday, November 06, 2009

Sinkford is Meadville's newest trustee

Bill Sinkford was just elected to the Meadville Lombard Board of Trustees. After an eight-year UUA Presidency, during which he did a great deal of good in the world *and* strengthened our faith tradition, I hoped he might get some needed rest. Of course, he still felt called to good work--his position with the UU Urban Ministry seemed like an excellent post, again doing good work in the world and revitalizing our justicemaking efforts.

And then he joined the Meadville Board. On one hand, I do feel bad for his aching back and his family. On the other hand I am absolutely thrilled for the future of the school and our movement. Theological education in general is in a world of hurt, and our two remaining UU schools are even worse off than most. The next months and years will be difficult, and still his presence gives me hope. I know the other Trustees are also good people, committed and passionate about UUism. I pledge to work with them--and with Bill Sinkford!--as they endeavor to keep UU-specific theological education alive and thriving. Mazeltov!


At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Douglass T. Davidoff said...

Hi, Chip. Thanks for picking up on our news release announcing Bill Sinkford's election. I'm passing along your post to Rev. Sinkford. We welcome your kind comments!

Kind regards,
Doug Davidoff (Email)
Consultant for External Communications
Meadville Lombard Theological School


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