Saturday, January 30, 2010

Linda and Henry in Fennario

Once upon a time, in the tiny town of Fennario, there lived some good people, who were loving and kind and who genuinely appreciated working and socializing together. One day, one of the people, Linda, said, "I don't know why Henry doesn't like me." Linda's friend listened sympathetically, and replied she could not fathom it, since Linda was so nice. Linda told other people that Henry did not like her, and they could not understand it, either.

Eventually, somebody suggested she ask Henry about it. "Oh, I couldn't--he scares me," Linda replied. Soon people found themselves taking sides. "Where there is smoke, there must be fire," some said. Henry eventually heard about it, and called Linda right away. She did not answer, so he left a message, and he emailed her. Linda did not respond.

The next time they were in the same place, he asked her to talk, but she only said, "not while you're behaving like this," and moved away. They had both lived there a long time, and were well-liked by all, so the conflict began to put a stress on the whole town.

During almost every conversation, Linda would speak about how upset she was. Some people began to avoid Henry. Others tried to avoid Linda. Finally, one of the oldest citizens told Linda she would go with her, to speak to Henry once and for all. Linda again declined. People began to do their shopping in other nearby towns. Then one of Linda's closest friends found Henry at the riverbank, weeping, and had a long conversation with him. The next day, she told Linda she must either go with her to speak with Henry, or stop talking about him.

Was Linda's friend right? What is the least sad way for this story to end?


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Cynthia L. Landrum said...

nice parable.


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