Friday, June 11, 2010

boycott flip flop; safe enough?

Once against moving GA'12, then for it, now I support Peter Morales' vision of a *modified* GA in Phoenix in 2012...

I first blogged against moving GA out of Arizona, because I thought it let us off the hook--it appeared that we were making a principled stand, while we largely kept our status quo, and simply moved to other nice hotels and restaurants in some other medium-sized city. I wanted us to go to Phoenix and do something, like street theater or organized protests with local groups.

Then I pondered Ellen Carvill-Ziemer's question, "to whom are we most accountable?" When I read DRUUMM's statement, "Because some of our members have indicated their concern that they would not be safe travelling to and within Arizona as long as such racial profiling laws exist, we also support the proposed boycott of Arizona and support relocating or cancelling the General Assembly scheduled to be held there" I found myself in sympathy with their concerns, and became pro-moving-GA.

Now, UUA President Peter Morales is holding out a new vision: "I believe we are called to go to Phoenix and create a GA like no previous GA. I want us to experience much more than the convention center. I want us to experience the reality of life for immigrants. I want us to learn and to bear witness. I dream of a GA where we reflect theologically upon what it means to be a faith that can cross the borders of race, class, and culture. I would have us explore together how we make connections with marginalized people in each and every community, in each and every congregation. I imagine a GA that begins a long overdue transformation of our movement."

Peter's call includes working with local groups, like the Puente Movement and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON). His vision quotes this invitation: "We ask that your 2012 General Assembly here in Phoenix be a convergence in cooperation with us and that together we design the best ways that UUs can witness, learn from, take action, and serve the movement here. [signed] Salvador Reza, Puente Movement, Phoenix, Arizona; and Pablo Alvarado, Director, NDLON

There is also this article, by Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez, who writes, "the basic message is this: Tourists stay home; organizers welcome." (thanks to Michael Tino and Clyde Grubbs).

The nicest thing would be for AZ SB1070 to be ruled unconstitional and no longer in force in 2012, so that we can all go to Phoenix and live out President Morales' challenge to be more organizers than tourists.

I look forward to DRUUMM's response; maybe I will change my mind yet again...


At 11:14 AM, Blogger Bill Baar said...

Who's calling Rev Morales...? I really hate this passive voice stuff.


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