Monday, October 31, 2011

Against Tebowing

I do not know Tim Tebow, so I don’t know if I like him as a person. I do *not* like the cultural icon he has become. And still, I believe that “tebowing,” making fun of his praying during football games, is a form of relgious intolerance.

It has been apparent to most football fans, since he graduated from the University of Florida, that Mr. Tebow lacked the skills to be a success in the National Football League. However, a fairly large number of people supported him because of his Christian beliefs–and his willingness to demonstrate those beliefs, at football games and in Super Bowl commercials. With the same fervor that some fundamentalists deny the scientific facts about evolution, some Tebow fans deny the evidence that their favorite quarterback is not talented enough for the NFL.

Some people have begun tebowing–getting down on one knee, in at least the semblance of prayer–in all kinds of places. Many of those are in solidarity; but some are definitively not. After he sacked Tebow in the game last Sunday, Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch mocked Tebow by taking a knee himself.

I hope Tebow never circumcises another child; I hope he retires gracefully from the NFL soon–and I hope that people stop mocking his beliefs.

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