Friday, February 03, 2012

six-word teaching descriptions

We owe a great deal to our teachers. StudentsFirst is holding a contest, to describe excellent teaching in just six words. The finalists are below; you can vote for your favorites online.

Encouraging the discouraged to defy obstacles.
Karen M., Illinois

Building confidence; Opening doors; Shaping futures.
Stephanie C., Oklahoma

Teachers hold the ladders students climb.
Rebecca H., Pennsylvania

Handing out keys to the world.
Ann Marie O., Michigan

Stretching imaginations, expanding knowledge, multiplying opportunities.
Adam S., Arizona

Changing the world by expecting excellence.
Amanda T., Illinois

Teachers illuminate darkness to reveal possibilities.
Lindsay C., Massachusetts

Planting the seed of I can.
Sinora W., Illinois

Destroy chains. Shape wings. Inspire flight.
Kathleen C., Nevada

I struggled; she never gave up.
Scarlet W., Tennessee

All thirty students raised their hand.
William S., Washington

Spark interest. Ignite curiosity. Fuel dreams.
Jackie K., Texas

Sees a star before it’s discovered.
Gisela V., New Jersey

Selflessly dedicated to someone else’s success.
Amanda W., Nevada

Believes I’m a superhero in disguise.
Margaret Z., Minnesota

Challenge limitations. Raise expectations. Inspire achievement.
Kara J., Colorado

Transforms barred windows into open doors.
Becca W., Nevada

Instill knowledge; invoke passion; inspire greatness.
Vishak V., California

She said I can be anything.
Yuji N., New Jersey

Holds all students accountable to greatness.
Mary T., California

That all my students surpass me.
Harville H., New York

Point out the stars. Provide rockets.
Adam L., Illinois

Teachers inspire dreamers to become doers.
Judy S., Pennsylvania

Dedication, patience and never ending encouragement.
Mery M., Florida

Open books, open minds, open doors.
Nancy M., Arizona

Molds ‘I can’t…’ into ‘I did!’
Kathryn B., Pennsylvania

Watch them soar, then demand more.
Pancho S., Oregon

I remember her fifty years later.
Cullen A., Indiana

They doubted, you believed, I succeeded.
Phillip J., Wisconsin

Spark wonder. Challenge thinking. Dismantle myths.
Valerie V., Pennsylvania

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