Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Sikh Opening Words

In honor of our Sikh cousins, and in sympathy for the tragic mass murder at their temple in Oak Creek, WI, last Sunday: Guru Tegh Bahadur was the ninth of the ten gurus that created and shaped the Sikh faith. He is quoted in our hymnal as saying, “Why do you go to the forest in search of the Divine? God lives in all, and abides with you too. As fragrance dwells in a flower, or reflection in a mirror, so the Divine dwells inside everything; seek therefore in your own heart.” Sometimes we can lose track of this, however. When our heart aches from grief, it can be difficult to access its wisdom. Fear may change our fragrance; anger can distort the way we are seen—- or the way we see ourselves. In such times, it is good to have a community which can restore our balance. Good friends can remind us of the inherent worth inside us all, and they can hold us accountable to again try living up to our highest selves. However you are feeling, this morning, whatever you may be seeking, may our time together restore our shine so that we all reflect the Spirit of Life evolving in and among us all. So may we be. (original post at So May We Be)


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