Sunday, July 09, 2006

worship set list

This feels a little irrevernt, to be so joyous about this, but it did work well this morning, and it definitely felt like the Spirit was moving, so I present my first-ever Worship Set List:

Warm Up: Ship of Fools played by Tom Dempsey, Jeff Phillips & Tony Pretto ("CCGD")

First Set:
Welcome & Announcements
Prelude Box of Rain (CCGD)
Call to Worship (largely from Box of Rain)
Opening Hymn Morning Has Broken #38 (CCGD)
Chalice Lighting
Story for All Ages (man pays for another's burial, is saved by buried person's ghost--a grateful dead story)
Reading 1 The Wheel lyrics, excerpted
Meditation hymn Broke-down Palace (CCGD)
Reading 2 Estimated Prophet, excerpted
Antiphonal Reading #645 from Whitman's Song of the Open Road
(children respond "we are traveling souls" after each adult section)
Offering (Offertory: Friend of the Devil" (CCGD)
Reading 3 Greatest Story Ever Told, excerpted
Homily I religious metaphors of the Grateful Dead
(including Humming to Snails by the Rev. Dr. Midge Skwire)

("for the next two-to-three minutes, get up, walk around, introduce yourself to somebody you don't know...we'll be back in just a little bit")

Entr'Acte Uncle John's Band (CCGD)
Reading 4 from All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum
(clapping, stomping, kneeslapping rhythms)
Reading 5 Way to go Home, excerpted (RIP Vince)
Homily II fire from the ice
Closing Hymn Let It Be A Dance (Debbie Lee)
Closing Words ("Let the words be yours...")
Antiphonal Benediction

Encore Ripple (CCGD)

Other than #38 and #311, all songs from the Grateful Dead; two John Perry Barlow songs, the rest Robert Hunter. About 70 minutes.


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