Wednesday, August 30, 2006

like deer

We get a lot of runners by our house. Every morning, I've seen at least a couple people run by. Usually, they appear to be neighborhood folks, running up the hill toward the dead end. Most of them do not return, so they must go around the "dead end" and continue on the main road, M-37/Center Road. This morning, as I sat down to the computer, about 20 high school girls ran by the other direction. It was so surprising that I laughed out loud. They were almost like a flight of deer, the main body in a bunch of front, running easily, then a few stragglers, and finally a pair bringing up the rear, pacing themselves.

I will never be a runner like that, but I am going to get my exercise bicycle set up, and begin riding it on Friday again.

I wonder if anyone will jog by on winter mornings. I hope so. It is good to be reminded that I am part of a community, and to see people challenging themselves to be healthy.


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