Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bo knows

Last Friday, Coach Bo Schembechler died. He was one of the greatest coaches in the storied rivalry between The Ohio State University and the University of Michigan. As the announcer said last weekend, at the 103rd meeting between the two football teams, "Michigan has lost a coach and mentor; the Big Ten has lost a legend and icon; Ohio State has lost an alumnus and friend." And then the two teams went out and played one of the best college football games ever, in his honor.

It seems odd, that I would grieve so for a man I never met, and against whom I cheered at least one Saturday a year for a score of years, but I am. I do not believe in a Heaven, but if there is one, and if I ever get there, it will look like a crisp sunny autumn day, with a college football game about to be played and a huge tailgate party going on outside it.

Rest in Peace, Coach.


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