Friday, October 13, 2006

radio the sound sensation

I'm listening to WWOZ radio online, from New Orleans. Their jazz often gets my morning off to a good start. I also listen to WCBE, from Columbus, Ohio; their morning and afternoon shows play "Americana" music--lots of rock, folk, blues, country and story songs. Traverse City is blessed with four(!) public radio stations; I listen to the classical station WIAA, from Interlochen, mostly. It is in my (eventual) budget to support each of these stations.

I would listen to WXRT, a commercial radio station, but I havne't made their stream work on my machine. I used to listen to KPIG, another commercial radio station, from Watsonville, CA. They play a lot of Americana, too.

Occasionally, I'll listen to XM on the internet; and I do have a Pandora account, but I'm too lazy to do much work with that.

Of course, I spend *most* of my time streaming the good old Grateful Dead.


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