Friday, October 26, 2007

jeux avec frontieres

At first, I wanted the Colorado Rockies to be humbled as badly as was Cleveland, by the Red Sox. However, as that began to happen in Wednesday's first World Series game, I began to feel bad for the Rockies. If they had lost 7-1 or 6-0, I would have felt a little validated, that the BoSox are simply the better team. At 13-1, it was uncomfortable. However, these are all professional athletes, with pride and almost super-human physical abilities, and they are well-paid to undergo such public humiliation. So the Rockies came back last night, and held Boston to two runs. Alas, they still only scored one, and are now in an 0-2 hole in a best-of-seven series. Colorado fans, you can learn from us Cleveland fans: "wait 'til next year!"


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