Friday, February 22, 2008

as uu goes...

Just our ancestors led, from Town Meeting to U.S. constitution, our UU movement may again be blazing a trail. The Rev. William Sinkford was the first black president of our UUA; Senator Barack Obama may become the first black (/multiracial) president of our USA. Maybe if the Rev. Dr. Laurel Hallman goes on to win the next UUA election, then Senator Hillary Clinton can follow in 2016. (Or, Governor Bill Richardson could follow the Rev. Peter Morales)

I am still afraid of what the swiftboaters will do against Obama in a general election, and I fear how the white supremacists will act out, once he's sworn in, *and* I am still hopeful about the possibility of an Obama presidency.

It will not automatically heal our country's racial divisions; it may make some worse, and hide others (by allowing some to declare racism dead); and it would still be a good and important step toward Beloved Community.

Whatever happens, these are important opportunities for us to discuss racism and oppression in contemporary culture. May we live up to the opportunity, and continue to lead as we always have.


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Right. . .


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