Friday, January 16, 2009

bridging and sustaining?

The Naked Theologian asks, "How do you bridge the distance (if any) between yourself and the divine? How does your God sustain you? How does your God sustain you in making the world a better place for more people?"

I do not perceive an inherent distance between myself and the Spirit of Life; it permeates and grounds all things. That said, I often *feel* a disconnect or distance--but it is always because I have drifted or ceased to pay attention. When, at last, I sigh and say, "Thank you... I'm sorry... I hurt... I desire... Please... Praise... Thank you," I have virtually always felt better for doing it. And, praise be, so far things have generally worked out for the highest good of all concerned (to the extent I am qualified to judge).

At other times, without any request, I have felt Spirit moving in and/or around me, nudging me, chastising me, delighting me, inspiring me...sustaining me. I know that something larger than me--larger than all of us--exists and is working through us with unsentimental love.

As it sustains me, as it provides a larger framework against which to see my and our struggles, it also calls me to respond. It is possible to work against the ultimate flow and evolution, but why would I want to? My own experience is strengthened and made more meaningful by working *with* Spirit. I do so imperfectly; slowly, clouded by ignorance and selfishness, often withholding part of my energies...and still I feel rewarded, sustained and encouraged in the long run.

Even in the face of evil, the heroism, determination and creativity demonstrated by our human cousins inspires me. Not that any of us does or should seek to suffer, or to inflict suffering, but the grace with which some of us handle our suffering ennobles us all. With our every daily effort, we give testimony to the Spirit of Life, manifesting and evolving through us.

...or so I understand, as of today.


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