Tuesday, April 07, 2009

a real live wire

Coincidence? Hardly:

The Naked Theologian contrasts the "interruptive" model of deity (actively interrupting human history with miracles and instructions) with Arthur A. Cohen's model of God as a "filament within the historical." Cohen's God neither alters history, nor stands apart from it. Rather, God runs through history, in continuous community with us. Sometimes, in extremis , we humans may even be called to furnish the current running through the filament.

Andy Burnette quotes Angus MacLean: "Our job...is not to worship history and culture like fetishes, but to feed them into our living, creative stream of personal life for spiritual and intellectual reprocessing."

As Passover and Easter approach, this is our task: to connect with the live wire of the Holy, take its sustaining and transforming power into us, and then feed our living understanding back into our culture and evolving history. To touch the filament is to risk being changed. I fear it, and yet I feel called to let the current flow.


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