Wednesday, February 17, 2010

science of enlightenment

Shinzen Young combines the best of the East (the internal science of meditation practice) and the best of the West (empirical scientific method) in virtually everything he does, from his 14-CD set "The Science of Enlightenment" to his recent Google Tech Talk at Google Headquarters.

The Google abstract says “The purpose of this talk is threefold: (1) to describe how senior adepts use mindfulness to reduce suffering and gain insight into selfhood and emotions. (2) To point out how the method they use in many ways parallels what scientists do when confronted with a complex and inscrutable system in nature. (3) To discuss how this fundamental parallelism between the two endeavors can become the basis for a productive collaboration in the future.”

Shinzen Young teaches that “high concentration” or “high focus” is just another human skill set, which can be learned and practiced so that, as Sounds True describes it, we can “awaken to clear insight and a happiness independent of conditions: the state of enlightenment.”


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