Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a UU vision

Our task is to challenge coercive religious (and/or political) movements, and offer an alternative that offers *both* a more accurate map of reality and will enable a better life for all, according to the Rev. Mr. Tom Schade:

"I think that it would be useful for us to understand ourselves as a particular form of 'liberal religion', a broad movement that (1) considers all religions as culturally relative expressions of a universal human impulse and (2) has a tempered belief in human progress rather than a belief in an apocalyptic eschatology and (3) a pragmatism that evaluates religious expression on its results in daily life. There are lots of expressions of 'liberal religion' in the world, and Unitarian Universalism is a small peculiar denomination of liberal protestantism. Many of the unchurched and unaffiliated are religious liberals.

So our evangelical tasks are two: one is to contest vigorously exclusivist, apocalyptic and coercive religions, to call them out by name, persuading people that the general approaches of liberal religion are a more accurate description of reality and will enable a better life for all. And two, among religious liberals who are unaffiliated to offer Unitarian Universalist religious community as a spiritual path. Our traditions, our rituals, our agenda for ourselves match up to many people's ways."

I appreciate his definition, and the tasks he derives from that definition. May clarity help us achieve our goals.


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