Saturday, December 18, 2010

calling directions, December 2010

A chill wind blasts through us;
we tremble, at its cold and at its power.
Nature has a terrible beauty:
often cruel, yet sublimely, riotously gorgeous…

The December wind blows
and we tremble, in cold and in awe.
We invite the powers of the East, the Spirit of Wind,
to join us, as we gather this morning.

The Yule Log crackles and blazes;
candles dance on menorahs and kinaras;
strings of lights festoon eaves and bushes.
We invite the powers of the South, the Spirit of Fire,
to join us this morning.

Snowflakes melt on our tongues;
icicles drip and fishers cut holes to access the living waters.
We invite the powers of the West, the Spirit of Water,
to join us, to flow with us.

December earth is like iron,
holding us, grounding us, in the still clarity of winter.
We invite the powers of the North, the Spirit of Earth,
to join us, now.

We open ourselves to these spirits and each other;
appropriately, respectfully;
with humility, integrity and real passion
we invite our better selves–
dancing sparkles of the evolving Spirit of Life–
into this sacred space of covenantal community.

So may we be.


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