Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meadville building sold to UofC

The University of Chicago has agreed to purchase the Main Building of Meadville Lombard, subject to approval by the university's trustees. The official announcement is here and here. The sale will close by the end of December 2011.

School officials are seeking a proper place for the Wiggin Library, and the wealth of Unitarian, Universalist and UU history and scholarship therein.

Meadville and Andover Newton are combining their schools, to create a new kind of theological education. The schools are actively seeking to welcome other faiths and other seminaries. They may include a Muslim school, and/or the Jewish seminary at Hebrew College, according to the President-Designate of the new school, the Rev. Dr. Nick Carter.

Also, I am thrilled to see that the Rev. Dr. John Tolley will be on the new faculty.

You can forward a copy of "The New U Checklist" e-newsletter to yourself or a friend here.

I am very sad to see 5701 Woodlawn go; and I am still quite hopeful about the phoenix that will rise from its place.


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