Monday, March 28, 2011

Haiti, Darfur, handbasket...still hope!

Frankly, I get a little overwhelmed by such widespread misery. It is all-too-tempting to live in denial; to ignore others' distress, to distract myself from my own discomfort at living in such relative plenty while others watch their children starving. However, denial does not really solve these issues—-as with many things, awareness is central to right living.

Every person in this room knows suffering. We acknowledge that; let us meet each other with compassion. Without diminishing—-in any way—-our suffering, virtually all of our six billion human cousins are also suffering. Let us acknowledge that, with compassion and courage.

In the midst of such colossal suffering, for most of us, the world is still a beautiful place, and life is worth living. Let us open ourselves to both the beauty and the suffering around us, and together do our part for the "web of life, that's often torn and always healing."*
So may we be.

Full UUSC Justice Sunday service, including story for all ages, and links, at So May We Be.

* from "Fault Lines" by Robert R. Walsh


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