Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meadville to remain independent, in Chicago

Meadville Lombard will *not* combine with Andover Newton–it will remain an independent seminary, somewhere in Chicago. According to their press release, Meadville is in a stronger financial position than previously predicted; and they could not guarantee that a merger would result in a stronger position. Also, the two schools could not agree on a governance model, so the transition teams will not be recommending a consolidation, to the Board of either institution. Meadville’s commitment to its educational model, and its commitment to remaining a Unitarian Universalist seminary, were also cited as reasons for the decision.

I wish Andover and all the ANTS folks the best; and I am frankly thrilled that Meadville is strong enough to remain independent and in Chicago. I am still on my path to retire from parish ministry in a decade or so, then teach homiletics (or history, or any job they’ll give me) at the Meadville Theological School at Lombard College.

I honor President Lee Barker, President Carter, and all of the people who worked so hard on this difficult decision.

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