Friday, April 20, 2007

horrific lesson

First, a moment of silence for all those affected by the shootings in Blacksburg, Virginia. {silence}
Next, a reflection on the refrain uttered by many newscasters and their interviewees, "this kind of thing doesn't happen here!" We humans expend a great deal of energy denying that we will ever die, or get sick, or experience tragedy of some other kind. I'm trying to adopt a more Buddhist understanding: it will and it does happen to us, and accepting that frees up all that energy we've been using in denial, which is then available for work in the moment, and appreciation of the good things we are able to enjoy.
If we *really* want to honor the victims of the Virginia Tech slayings, we will use this opportunity to wake up from our trance, and engage more deeply the practice of living, fully, in each moment.
So may we be.


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