Monday, October 20, 2008

transpartisan politics

The Integral Life folks propose a "genuine transpartisan politics" that answers real-life issues without resorting to the usual centrist compromises, instead honoring and including people and opinions from the entire U.S. spectrum.

Here is a page with three short videos, describing how to get past cross-party and intra-party fighting, and how to interpret the candidates' cultural values.

The first, "A Tale of Four Americas," shows how there are really four distinct cultural worldviews, jockeying and jostling within our two parties; it also describes the three main political spectra--internal/external, individual/collective and progressive/conservative--along which every person and every candidate can be located. The second video, "Seeing Through the Talking Points," maps both McCain and Obama, and shows how their stances and platforms are all over these spectra. Finally, the last video, "Sleeping with Your So-Called Enemy," helps us to better understand people whose opinions differ from our own, and find true compassion.

To get beyond us-them polarized politics as usual, check out these videos


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