Friday, April 24, 2009

potential pitch

People come to me almost in tears: "We simply cannot pledge any more. We want to, we want to support this place we love, but our circumstances prevent it." Someone you know and care about is worried, that this community, to which they have given their time and money, tears and laughter, needs them, and they cannot respond the way they wish they could.

I am not worried, because we can step up, where they can no longer. There are many of us who can increase our pledge--some already have; some are still thinking about it. Some want to make a substantially larger pledge, to make a generous pledge as part of a larger spiritual re-commitment. Some want to, and fear to, simultaneously.

On behalf of the future, on behalf of the children of our congregation, on behalf of the many people we help, on behalf of ourselves--on behalf of our dear friends who can no longer do as much--we who can, know it is our turn to take the lead.

So may we be.

Feedback welcome; results to be preached at final stewardship sermon. Thanks to any/all who participate.


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