Friday, July 31, 2009


There were many amazing musicians who performed at SUUSI. Several of them are UUs themselves; others embody similar values. Joe Jencks and I have co-presented worship in four different venues, and I have attended a number of his concerts. Amy Carol Webb sang at SUUSI and at General Assembly. I am worried that she thinks I'm a flake, because virtually every time we interact, I am weeping from her music. Another fantastic UU duo, who performs what they call “folk and roll,” is the band Wishing Chair. I hope to hear Pat Wictor perform his slide guitar in our sanctuary, on his trip through Michigan this October. And Ellen Bukstel has won several awards for her music, including for her work against domestic violence. Ellen’s music is powerful and often riotously funny. All of these musicians can bring us hope and joy through our CD and mp3 players. You can also watch them perform by searching for them at YouTube.


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