Monday, July 05, 2010

tweeting independence

"We protested taxation without representation; we have been patient; we appealed for justice; now we declare ourselves free" is one way to tweet the USA Declaration of Independence, according to Karen Sullivan, in's recent contest. Rebecca Kaplan judged the eloquent and humorous entries ("@KingGeorge If you liked it then you shouldn'ta put a tax on it." by @grammarninja). Here are two more of her favorites:

"We seek independence based on noble and universal ideas combined with petty and one-sided grievances." (by @Boston1775)

"All peeps are equal. Sick and tired of your tyrannical BS. Seeking independence. Your permission requested, not required." (by @TJMonticello)

Check out a few more, including the winner, at the original article.

btw, we are not independent, but we must first be strong enough to be relatively independent to recognize and embody our full interdependence--IMHO.


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