Sunday, February 06, 2011

U U UU History Notes

Too-Brief Outline of Unitarian, Universalist & UU History
collected & idiosyncratically presented by Rev. Chip Roush

heresy is Greek for choice

c. 0 Jesus
<=232 Origen: bible as allegory; no hell
<= 336 Arius’ Unknown Unbegun; one Source (Jesus not coeternal w/God)
325 Council of Nicaea rules in favor of Trinitarians, Arius anathematized
<=418 Pelagius: no original sin; human agency
553 Second Council of Constantinople condemns universal salvation as heresy

[1517 Luther’s 95 Theses published]
1523 Anabaptists Menno Simons & followers move to Holland
16th c. Anabaptists: pacifist, adult baptism, separation of church & state
1539 unitarian Katherine Vogel burned in Krakow after 10 years in prison
1553 Servetus burned in Geneva – no biblical support for Trinity
discovered lung fcn, escaped Inquisition, critiqued Calvin
1557 Isabella decrees of toleration in Torda, Transylvania

See the whole list at So May We Be.


At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this list, Chip. It's good to see some notes to compare with what my wife and I took at your talk in Petoskey.



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