Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unitarian connections to royal wedding

Kate Middleton has Unitarian roots. The soon-to-be Princess comes from a “long line of Unitarians,” according to a British Unitarian website. Although her parents and both sets of grandparents identify as Anglican, her family tree includes James Martineau, Unitarian theologian and hymn writer, and his sister, Harriet Martineau, journalist and champion of women’s rights.

Many in the U.S.A. decry* the interest in tomorrow’s royal wedding, when Ms. Middleton will marry Prince William. I am not here to defend the monarchy, but I do appreciate the importance of symbolism and ritual. I can see some value in all of the pomp and circumstance. On the other hand, I am not officiating their wedding–I don’t have to deal with all the intricate details and the worldwide scrutiny.

I do wish them all the best. Every wedding is an opportunity to honor the power of Love in the world, to be reminded of its work in our life, as we see it demonstrated in those getting married. May their life together be richly blessed, and their days be good and long upon the earth.

(thanks to Facebook posts by Eric Posa and Aaron White for the link to the Unitarian page, with almost-Princess Catherine’s family tree)

* For those who claim that the wedding is a waste of 80 million dollars, and are glad that the USA has no royalty or class system, Laura Flanders reminds us that “the top one percent of wealthiest Americans own 34 percent of the country’s wealth and enjoyed 80 percent of the total increase in wealth here between 1980 and 2005.” She writes, “Why not just give them palaces? At least we could keep them open for tours.”

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At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I watched the Royal wedding, I could not help but re-live my own. My wedding was not like this in any way. It lacked any of the formality that naturally dominated the Royal Wedding. But love is love and I found myself wishing that the love I so happily felt present in my union with my husband was equally present for these two young people.
You may remember that very different wedding Chip.
You officiated last August. I am so grateful.


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