Tuesday, May 24, 2011

growing UU spirit

UU membership may be in flux, but spirits are high, in at least some of our congregations. I have been searching for an Interim Ministry for the last couple weeks (which is why I haven’t posted much here), and all four of the congregations I engaged are right at the cusp of making significant advances. All four had clear visions of what they wanted to accomplish, and how they saw a minister helping them achieve their goals. Three of the four had big plans for improved building situations. I know the sample size is too small to be significant, but the spirit–the enthusiasm and commitment–that I have experienced over a host of conference calls has me excited for our future.

I know this chart shows some gains and some losses, including an over-all decline in UU membership, over the past decade. I am sure there are a number of reasons for such a decline, and some of those reasons may still exist. Nevertheless, if other congregations are showing the vision and the resolve that I’ve seen in these few churches, then Unitarian Universalism may be in a good place for the coming decade(s).

So may we be!


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