Sunday, June 12, 2011

Won Park, money origamist

Won Park folds dollar bills into remarkable shapes. His origami is really gorgeous – note how the penguin even has an eye.

Elsewhere on the web, you may read that Won Park lives in a garbage truck; that part of the story is untrue. The vehicle is real, but it is not his. It tickles me that his astonishing artwork is not enough of an accomplishment, but folks feel it necessary to tack on the garbage truck (actually the UNICAT EX63-HD / MAN TGA 6×6) myth.

If you like origami, do yourself a favor and check out Vanessa Gould’s film, Between the Folds. It shows ten other origamists who do virtual magic with paper. Some make their own paper, to get the resilience, strength and color just right. Others do origami as mathematical exercises.

Check out some of Won Park's work at So May We Be.


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