Friday, May 27, 2011

GRR lip dub

Called a “dying city” in a list linked to by Newsweek, Grand Rapids has responded. The people of this mid-Michigan city created a record-breaking lip dub video, with all kinds of folks singing Don McLean’s “American Pie.” I am a sucker for lip dubs in general, so one featuring places I’ve been–with much of the city collaborating–makes me quite happy.

I’ve always wanted to work with a youth group, to make a lip dub in a church building. Maybe sing “Stand!” while moving around and through the church, highlighting the social justice projects of the congregation. I’d like to sponsor a contest of such lip dubs; show them all on UU TV and feature the winner at GA and on Maybe a $1000 to the justice organization stipulated by the winning group? $500 and $250 second and third prizes? Cool publicity for all, and outreach to younger demographics? Now all we need is $1750 and a lot of buy-ins…

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