Friday, May 25, 2007

blossoms like snow

before and after:

Friday, May 18, 2007

graduate gift?

Sunday, we'll do the transition ritual created by Mikelson & Agate, at First Parish, Cambridge, this Sunday--erasers for those entering kindergarten, because everyone makes mistakes; mirrors for those entering middle school, as a time of identity formation and "fitting in"; and compasses for those entering high school, so, with their new autonomy, they can still find their way back to us. Love that ritual.

For the two graduating high-schoolers (absent a bridging ceremony, which I hope for next year), the usual Quest subscription and an introduction to the church nearest their college *assumes* that they'll go to college. Even if they do, I don't want that assumption to be ritualized. A gift certificate to a locally-owned bookstore? UU jewelry? A chalice of their own? Other suggestions?

Friday, May 11, 2007

happy mother's day

No-passing zones
swerving through the flowers
on complicated but delicate
butterfly missions
only themselves
and their mothers

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

prayer for John Cullinan's ordination

We make meaning in our lives by seeing them in larger frames of reference;
by seeing them as part of a sacred flow.
Let us take a moment, and get comfortable in our pew,
focus into our bodies,
take a deep breath…feel our lungs move…
feel the Life pulsing in our veins,
and let us pray:

O God of Life and Death, Spirit of Change and Unceasing Love,
we are grateful to be here today;
we are grateful for this opportunity
to celebrate the beginning of John Cullinan’s professional ministry;
we are grateful for the experience of being human,
for our joys and sorrows,
our anger, fear and hope;
we desire to live our lives fully and richly;
we pledge to be mindful and appreciative at all times;
we desire a quick and just end to the wars we wage;
we desire solace and support for all those affected by these conflicts;
we desire comfort for all those who suffer, anywhere;
we pledge ourselves in pursuit of these goals;
we are grateful for the Spirit of Life,
which pulses in each of us,
which calls all of us
to do justice, love mercy,
and walk humbly in flow with that which we call Holy;
we are grateful for those servant-leaders
who guide us in these pursuits;
we desire strength and vision for these minister;
we desire strength and vision for the Rev. Mr. John Cullinan;
we desire support for his family;
we desire for him support from his family,
and from his colleagues,
and from the living Spirit that beats in all of us;
we desire to rejoice evermore,
to every day be more aware of the blessings of life and love which we enjoy;
we desire that John lead us,
by speaking about, and embodying, this joy for all to see;
we are grateful for our journeys together;
praise for life;
so may we be.