Friday, June 29, 2007

silence of the living tradition

I love my fellow Unitarian Universalists, but sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously. At the 2007 Service of the Living Tradition, a worship service intended to honor ministry in general, and the UU ministers who are beginning or ending their service in specific, we were told to "contain yourselves" and refrain from cheering for the ministers, as their names were announced.
I do understand how difficult it is to combine a graduation-type ceremony and a solemn memorial service; I understand the seeming unfairness when some people hear cheers at their name, and others are greeted by silence. Even with those challenges, though, I ask: which is *less* worshipful, a few cheers and whistles, or a long, finger-wagging warning about not cheering?
Finally, I am left with the irony of a religious association which is *desperately* trying to welcome "people of color" into its movement, telling its worshippers to "contain yourselves." Maybe that will be the catchphrase for our next marketing strategy.
Can we take up a collection and make sure that the Rev. Dr. Thandeka has absolutely everything she needs, to get her forthcoming book on an embodied UU Theology finished and widely published?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

king james; competition

When the Cleveland Indians lost the 7th game of the World Series in 1997, some fans said "wow! what a ride!" and thanked the players. This angered at least one sports writer, who wrote that Cleveland would never have a championship while they could accept (much less celebrate) coming in 2nd. I disagree; we should celebrate the effort and the fun, whatever the outcome.

That said, I was disappointed by the Cavaliers' failure to win a single game in the NBA finals this year. I was happy that they made it; I do celebrate their effort; and I wish they'd won at least one game in that last series.

I do not believe that we should only play "cooperative" games; I think competition can improve our skills and our experience. Learning to lose is at least as important as learning to win, in life.

Wait 'til next year!

Friday, June 08, 2007

coloring & talking

During a group conversation last night, we colored Celtic mandalas while we pondered and answered questions about our lives. Several folks appreciated the coloring: it involves other parts of the brain, and it gives us something to focus on, so we feel less self-conscious. Our Young Adult Cons always included one of those giant color-it-yourself posters, and several packages of markers. You can choose your level of participation; you are creating beauty; and it is a low-stress way of interacting with others. There should be more coloring in the world.

Friday, June 01, 2007

dog days

Lilly likes to go bike-riding with Becky...but she isn't so good at hammocks. She almost hung herself, while chewing out the supports underneath her. We found her in time though, and she is fine.